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Quick Start

Hands-On Quick Start



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Software & Firmware

Code Examples

Updating PyCubed

Complete Flight Software Examples

Beep-Sat (basic)

Beep-Sat (advanced)

Pin Muxing

Default Libraries

Accessing the Serial Console

Programming the Bootloader

PyCubed NVM Bit Map & Usage

Building the PyCubed Firmware from Source

Over-the-air Updates (coming soon!)

Hardware (Overview Page)

Mainboard ("Avionics Board")

Mainboard Overview

mainboard-v05 CAD (interactive)

Details & Usage

PyCubed Burn Wire Info & Usage

Inhibits & RBF Header

Payloads & Interfacing with External Boards

PyCubed Energy Harvesting


USB-C Battery Charging

Using the External Watchdog Timer

Selecting an SD card

Building a PyCubed Board

Benchtop Usage & CubeSat Structures

Novel Serial Bus Protection

Low Power Operation

Radio Modifications (optional)

Battery Board

Battery Board Overview




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πŸ“‘ Low cost mobile WiFi ground stations

Plotting Serial Data Realtime

PyCubed at SmallSat 2019

In Progress

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