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PyCubed uses the TI BQ25883 USB battery charging IC to manage USB-C power delivery. This provides an easy way of powering the board and/or charging the batteries.


(All of this is made possible by the Inhibits & RBF Header. Make sure to review that page to understand how different power arrangements are achieved)

Default Charging Behavior:

When USB power is first applied, the BQ25883 will look for an attached battery and and trickle-charge it (if possible) to 8.4V at a rate of 200mA.


If PyCubed Is Allowed to Boot:

If VUSB jumper is installed (or the inhibits are connected, see above) PyCubed will be powered and the MCU will boot. Part of the booting process initializing hardware and software (i.e. when from pycubed import cubesat is called), during which USB battery charging is intentionally turned off.

Safety Timer:

USB battery charging will automatically shut off after 12 hours of continuous charge operation. The green “CHRG” LED (D5) will blink once per second if the safety timer expires.

For Flight:

The USB battery charger