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Serial Console Options

Nearly any terminal program can communicate with the PyCubed board.

(baud=112500, data=8 bit, parity=None, flow control=None).

For example...

⭐ Browser (cross-platform)

Must use Chrome or Edge for this to work.

  1. Visit this demo: make sure you open it in the correct browser (chrome or edge)!

  2. With your board plugged into your computer, click Connect at the top of the page

  3. Select the appropriate port and click the blue connect button

  4. You should see the following message in the terminal

  5. You now have access to the REPL:

    Press Ctrl+C to halt any programming currently running, then press any key to enter the REPL or hit Ctrl+D to reload the file

  6. Work through the Hands-On Quick Start pages for more details on using the REPL


  1. In terminal type: ls /dev/tty.*. The board will likely be listed as /dev/tty.usbmodem_____
  2. Now enter: screen /dev/tty.YOURBOARDNAMEHERE 115200