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Hardware Overview

PyCubed is a single PC/104 sized PCB capable of all standard CubeSat operating needs:

  1. Command and control of the spacecraft (C&DH)
  2. Energy harvesting and power management (EPS)
  3. Telecommunication (TT&C)
  4. Data collection and storage
  5. Payload interfacing
  6. Fail-safe deployment mechanisms

Block Diagram

<aside> 💡 NOTE: all hardware design files can be found on the project's GitHub: ****



Primary Circuit Elements

The table below summarizes each of the primary Mainboard components highlighted in the map above. For in-depth discussions on each component, click the respective 📂 part number.

Mainboard Components - Click PN 👇 for More Details

See the 2019 SmallSat paper 📄 for an in-depth discussion on design methodology.

See the Novel Serial Bus Protection page as well as the 2021 Serial Isolation paper 📄 for details on the serial bus protection scheme.


Further discussions related to PyCubed connectors:

  1. Payloads and payload connector: Payloads & Interfacing with External Boards
  2. Inhibit switches and RBF header: Inhibits & RBF Header
  3. SD card: Selecting an SD card
  4. Radio antenna connectors: Antennas
  5. Burn wire connectors: PyCubed Burn Wire Info & Usage
  6. Solar connectors: PyCubed Energy Harvesting

Resources & Guides

All tutorials, write-ups, and discussions about PyCubed are housed here:

All PyCubed Resources